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I was first attracted to Rocket Lawyer web site because it advertised "Free" preparation of a Will; the exact words are "Free Will Forms." I was outraged to find it is not free.Unsuspecting users are required to provide credit card information.

I was deceived! I feel outraged after having filled out forms with my personal information. What a bunch of ***. Why don't they tell users up front what the terms are, instead of duping them?

I feel used and victimized.I cannot find any place to read or enter a review of this despicable deceptive business practice of false advertising.

Review about: Will.


Naples, Florida, United States #688938

Did you NOT read that big tab that says PRICING?It is free to use the forms, and save them.

But unless you have the membership, you can NOT print them. Someone has to pay for the website, and if you buy the forms from your lawyer or court system, you will pay more.

Or you can buy a software for a few hundred dollars and print all you like.

It is cheap.

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